2018 Select Program

EGSL is embarking on a great opportunity to expand our player’s skills and allow our girls to play softball at a competitive level during the recreational season.  The Select Program, starting in January 2018 will begin our inaugural season of the Select Program. 

The Select Program is open to all experienced players who are interested in playing at a higher level.  We encourage players who have played previously, who enjoy the sport, are interested improving their skills, and who are dedicated to participating in the program to try out

The Select Program is a sanctioned USA Softball program and has very specific rules, by which EGSL must abide.  The following reflects EGSL’s select program, consistent with the USA softball rules:

  • Players must be registered and play with Escondido Softball 2018 Spring Season team first. The Select Team is a second team on which to participate.
  • Please provide notice to the Select head coach or the Division Director if the player is going to be absent during the evaluation period.
  • Tryouts for the 2018 Spring Select teams for 10u, 12u and 14u will be held on January 21 and January 28 at Kit Carson Park.Exact times to be announced later.
  • Fees will be required to cover the cost of Jersey and socks, umpire fees and tournaments.
  • The fall season select team will be formed in mid-August about 2 weeks after the national tournaments have been concluded and run from September through December.

The Select Program Will:

  • Be a “select” group of skilled players who will practice and play in tournaments and friendlies during the recreational season.  Players will be invited to participate in the Select Program by a team of coaches approved by the EGSL board.  Interested players will be assessed the last two Sundays in January.  The final number of players on each team or teams will be determined based on interest and the results of the evaluation period. 
  • Focus on skills development in preparation for All-Star level play.  Prior softball experience is required to be assessed for the Select Team.
  • Provide opportunities to play other Select Teams.  It is likely our Spring Select Teams will play 1-2 tournaments and 2-3 Friendlies depending upon team skill and readiness.  USA Softball will organize up to four tournaments in San Diego County during the Select season. 
  • Practice (2-3 hours) every Sunday starting in February.  We believe there is synergy in integrating the players at different levels and will structure practices such that all players benefit from coaches specializing in various aspects of the game.  A head coach will be selected prior to the evaluation period for each of the divisions.  He or she will be responsible for the coordination and communication with parents on matters specific to your player’s division. 
  • Focus on position development.  Based on skills, players may be assigned to 1-2 positions.  Every position on the field is critically important during All-Star play.  Developing players who know their position and successfully execute that position make us a stronger team and a stronger league.  This program will help groom players to be the best at the position for which they exhibit the strongest skills as well as the position that benefits the team the most.
  • Be flexible.  We understand many of our players have other commitments that make it difficult to attend all practices and all games.  That being said, we will ask that all players disclose their availability during the 2-week evaluation period.  This will help the coaches and the league determine both team size and team availability for tournaments.  Availability to participate in the program may play a role in player selection. 
  • Spring Select Team Season Ends on March 31, 2018.  By concluding on March 31st, 2018 all players become eligible to make the Gold or Silver All Star team in their division.
  • The Spring Select Team will have an initial cost of $75.00.  This includes jersey, socks, one tournament registration per player and umpire fees for practice games.  Additional fees may be incurred if the coach/team determines a second tournament is feasible.
  • The Fall Select Team will have an initial cost of $115.00.This includes jersey, socks, 2 tournaments and practice games.Additional fees may be incurred if the coach/team determines a second tournament is feasible.


The Select Program Will Not:

  • Determine the All Star teams or all-star coach.  Although the players will benefit from the advanced play and skills training, participation in the Select Program is not a guarantee all players will make the Gold or Silver All Star Team. The select coach is not guaranteed to be an all-star coach.
  • Prevent players from trying out for All Stars.  All Stars will be selected through the same evaluation process as prior years.  Not playing on the Select Team will not prevent players for trying out for or making the All Star team(s) nor does playing on the team guarantee All Star participation.
  • Involve paid coaches.  EGSL is a volunteer, recreational softball program.  We will be relying on our talented parents and volunteers across multiple divisions to assist with the team workouts.  We are seeking assistance from volunteers in our community with advanced softball skills to help with key aspects of the program. 
  • Include travel ball players.Any player who participates in any game, practice or workout involving a travel ball team will not be allowed to participate in the select program.


Select Coaches:


If you are interested in being considered for a head coaching position of a select team in 2018, please send an email to President@egsl.org no later than December 31, 2017.  Travel ball coaches will not be allowed to be select coaches.


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