ESCONDIDO Girls Softball League is a member of the 'San Diego North' District.

We have a long & proud history of Rec ball as well as All Stars. 

                                          ALL STAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS...

Western Nationals                                                SoCal  States                                                      Districts

2002- 12u (7th place)                                                

              14u (4th place)

2oo3- 14u (1st place) National Champions!

2004- 14u (17th place)

2007- 14u (5th place)

2008- 14u (13th place)

2010- 14u (3rd place)

2011- 12u (5th place)

2012- 12u (13th place)

             14u  (1st place) National Champions!

2013-  10u  (7th place)

            12u  (33rd place)

2014- 12u  (17th place)

             14u  (17th place)

2015-  10u (5th place)

             12u (17th place)

             14u (4th place)

2016- 10u (13th place)

             12u (5th place)

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